Knox City, School Officials Working on MOU for School Resource Officer


The Knox Board of Public Works members continue to work with the Knox Community School Corporation to supply a Memorandum of Understanding for a School Resource Officer.

In the meantime, the Knox Board of Public Works members considered the conditional hire of Travis Schieber for the position, as recommended by Knox City Police Chief Harold Smith. He would be an officer with the Knox City Police Department and work as the School Resource officer with terms yet to be determined.

The school would pay a majority of the salary and benefits for the position.

Smith said Schieber has eight years of law enforcement experience and is also active in the Army reserves. A background check was conducted and Schieber has passed all other requirements to be hired on the police force. He has yet to be approved for PERF.

The board members unanimously approved the conditional hire. The Memorandum of Understanding is still being finalized before the position can be active. The document will need to be approved by both the city and the school which is anticipated to be done in January.

Schieber and one other officer will attend training for the position. The second officer will be available to fill in for Schieber for any vacation time or sick days.