Leaf Pickup Continues in the City of Knox

It’s almost the end of December and the City of Knox Street Department is continuing to pick up leaves.

Street Superintendent Jeff Borg told the Knox Board of Public Works members on Wednesday that until measurable snow falls on the city streets, street crews will continue to pick up leaves.

Beyond that, Borg said they’re ready for snowfall.

“We mixed up 66 tons of salt and sand for stock in the salt shed,” said Borg. “We have another 25 tons of salt covered and ready for when we need to restock. We’ve been trucking sand for the salt mixture and stone for the alleys. We’ve also done some street sweeping. All of the equipment is ready to plow when needed.”

While crews were busy with clearing about six or eight inches of snow in November, Borg said his budget hasn’t suffered with too much in overtime costs for clearing and treating roads this winter to date.