NJ-SP School Board Considers Resolutions As Well as Final Reading Over NEOLA Policies

North Judson San Pierre School Board approved two different resolutions when they met last Tuesday.

With one resolution, Treasurer Guy Richie was given the authority to pay claims and make necessary transfers so he can tend to any year-end financial obligations that may come up prior to the board’s next meeting in January.

Another resolution simply determined that any interest that the school corporation earns on money that’s invested will be placed in the newly established education fund in 2019.

In addition to approving those resolutions, members also held the final reading over the most recent series of NEOLA policies. Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin also explained how NEOLA works so new Railroad Township rep, Sandy Kersting Rudd, would be aware of what the organization does for the school corporation.

She noted, “NEOLA helps us stay compliant with the new laws. Many school corporations have them write the policies and then we make them fit our needs and so when there’s a new state law, NEOLA is on it. About three times a year, I would say, we have policies up for review.”

Zupin also noted that most of the changes just have to do with updating language and then summarized some of the key policies since the new board member was not present during the first reading.

Members approved the new NEOLA policies on final reading with a unanimous vote.