Winamac Park Board’s Grant Application Awaiting Final Federal Approval

The Winamac Park Board’s grant application is now awaiting final approval from the federal government.

The board applied for a Land and Water Conservation Fund matching grant to help pay for the replacement of the park’s main restrooms, as well as new equipment for the toddler playground. The application also contained various smaller items, including a permanent cornhole court, frisbee golf equipment, new basketball backboards, and a new bench.

Park Board Secretary Kim Burke told board members Thursday that the project has gotten the required historical preservation clearance. She believed that the Indiana Department of Natural Resources had turned in all the town’s paperwork to the federal government. “They said they’d turn in grant stuff quarterly, and we got everything to them,” she explained. “We’d be the first set turned in in December. I had a few things to get to them. As far as I know, she’s got us all set, and we are turned in in the first round.”

Burke said federal approval could come as soon as March, but the government shutdown could stall that process. Work would be able to start sometime after that.