Knox City Council Updated on Redevelopment Commission Main Street Project

Knox City Council members received an update about the Redevelopment Commission Pilot Project when they met this week.

As previously reported, the Redevelopment Commission purchased the building at 10 South Main Street with the goal of revitalizing the downtown area and assisting local businesses.

Mayor Dennis Estok told members Tuesday night that the building will be used for “pop-up stores.”

Estok noted, “There’s no long-term commitment with a pop-up. I mean, you might be here just for the Christmas holidays or you might be here for a long time.”

The Mayor added that there is chance the building could house multiple businesses at once, depending on the size of the operation.

Estok mentioned that applications for this program will likely be prepared by mid-February. When officials are ready to start accepting applications, they will be available at the Mayor’s Office or at