Knox Mayor Proposes Hiring Engineer for Parking Lot Project at Wythogan Park

The possibility of hiring outside help for a future parking lot project at Wythogan Park was discussed by Mayor Dennis Estok during the last Knox City Council meeting.

Estok told members, “The property that we acquired through the Gateway, by the performance stage from 35 to Bridge Street, I can tell you right now, I would just as soon hire an engineer to come in and take a look at it and design the parking to utilize all of it.”

Estok also mentioned that the city would possibly be able to save a good deal of money on the project by utilizing unused milling from this year’s city projects as a base for the parking lot. 

The mayor added that there are plans to install lighting in the parking lot area as well as some that would light the walkway from the performance stage to the concession stand.

Nothing was finalized during their January meeting but city officials will continue to discuss details related to the parking lot, as well as other future park projects, during future meetings.