Oregon-Davis School Board Approves Policy Updates, Fund Transfer Resolutions

The offering of a computer science course is now officially part of the Oregon-Davis School Corporation’s policies. Superintendent Dr. Don Harman says the school board approved a pair of updates Monday, that had been recommended by policy consultant NEOLA.

“One was dealing with our mandatory curriculum, and the new policy included the instruction of computer science, which is new to the state, due to legislation,” Harman explains. “And then another policy was updated from the 2017 policy, that included student suicide awareness and prevention.”

Harman says board members also approved two fund transfer resolutions. “One was to address our post-retirement/severance future funds,” he explains, “and then the other was to allow transfer of funds from the Educational Fund to the Operational Fund.” Transferring money between the Education and Operations funds has become a typical procedure for Indiana school corporations, to continue to fund expenses under the state’s new school funding structure.

In other business Monday, Harman says the school board reappointed Nicole Salazar to the Starke County Public Library Board through the end of 2023. Salazar serves as the joint representative for Oregon-Davis, North Judson-San Pierre, and Culver Community Schools. Her reappointment has already been approved by the other two school boards.