Culver School Board Makes Arrangements for Bus Purchase

The Culver Community Schools Corporation is looking to replace an extra school bus this year. Bus 24 was scheduled to be replaced in 2020, but school officials have decided to move that forward, according to Treasurer Casey Howard. The school board took steps to make funds available earlier this month. But Howard told board members this week that the 2018 through 2030 bus replacement plan had to be amended before the state would allow the additional appropriation. The school board passed a resolution Monday to accept the amended plan.

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NJ-SP Officials Discuss Necessary Budget Changes Due to State Policy Passed in 2017

When North Judson-San Pierre school board members met on Tuesday, they discussed an upcoming change that will impact how the school corporation keeps track of finances.

Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin reminded the board members about a House Enrolled Act (HEA 1009) passed in 2017 that will go into effect on January 1, 2019. This will impact all schools, not just NJ-SP. According to Zupin HEA 1009 will eliminate a few different accounts including the capital projects, transportation, bus replacement and general funds. Those will all be replaced with two new funds; the Education fund and the Operations fund. Continue reading