Oregon-Davis School Board Approves School Calendar But May Revisit eLearning

Recent weather conditions have led Oregon-Davis school officials to think about reinstating eLearning. Superintendent Dr. Don Harman says the issue was discussed during Monday’s school board meeting. “Obviously, with a lot of the weather situations that we’ve had in the last several weeks, the board has asked and I’ve had community members and parents ask if we would revisit eLearning days,” he says, “so we’re going to revisit those.”

So far, Oregon-Davis has had to schedule six make-up days this year, with the last day of class now scheduled for Tuesday, May 28. School officials decided to do away with eLearning days last summer, due to the desire to have students in the classroom as much as possible.

For now, though, Harman says the school board approved the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school calendars Monday, without eLearning days. But there’s a chance they could be added before the next school year begins.

The 2019-2020 calendar calls for a first day of class on August 8, with the last day on May 22. The proposed 2020-2021 calendar is similar, with the first day of class on August 6 and the last day on May 20.