Culver Town Council Adopts Annexation Ordinance

The Culver Town Council members took action Tuesday night to approve an annexation ordinance that would include 1.26 acres north of State Road 10 and west of State Road 17 into the town limits.

Since the property was in the county’s jurisdiction, the Marshall County Commissioners last week approved the request to annex that land into the Culver Town limits for the purpose of the construction of a commercial business. 

The plans call for a Dollar General store at that location.  During the council’s meeting on March 12, it was noted that that particular design plan/retail outlet was not apparently desired by council members as outlined in the comprehensive plan and noted competition that would be across the street from that location.

With the county’s approval of the annexation action and the town council’s previous notation that it does follow the guidelines in the comprehensive plan in that it is a general retail expansion on a parcel zoned for commercial development, they approved the third reading of the annexation ordinance by a majority vote.  Ginny Bess Munroe, Bill Githens, and Rich West approved the motion while Bill Cleavenger presented the dissenting vote.  Joel Samuelson was not in attendance during that portion of the meeting to vote on the measure.