Pulaski County Commissioners Award Ambulance Bid

The purchase of a new ambulance was approved by the Pulaski County Commissioners Monday. They chose a $129,900 bid from Arrow Manufacturing out of Iowa, at the recommendation of EMS Director Brandon DeLorenzo. “That’s where we’ve gotten our last three,” he explained, “so all the parts that I keep on hand for them, the latches that always break, they’ll fit this truck, as well.”

The ambulance will consist of a 2019 Ford gas-powered truck with a reconditioned ambulance box. While Crossroads Ambulance Sales submitted a bid that was $10,000 lower, DeLorenzo said it didn’t meet his department’s warranty specifications.

The commissioners also agreed to have Arrow add all the necessary decals for another $4,900. DeLorenzo said the ambulance should be ready for delivery within the next couple weeks.