Pulaski County EMS to Get Four New Cardiac Monitors

Pulaski County Emergency Medical Services is updating its cardiac monitors. The county commissioners approved the purchase of four Zoll cardiac monitors Monday.

EMS Director Brandon DeLorenzo said they’ll replace the department’s Philips cardiac monitors that are reaching the end of their lives. “They will actually not be usable at 2020 or 2022,” he explained.

DeLorenzo originally planned to replace them one at a time to lessen the impact on his budget, but he said Zoll is letting the county buy all four at once and spread the payment out over four years. “The unit price is $37,275,” he said. “We’re actually at Zoll’s end of their sales year, so they’re wanting to get numbers in last-minute. With trading our old Philips monitors in, if we were to get all four of them, what they’d do is they’d split it up amongst four annual payments, interest-free, and that would come in at about $26,000 per monitor, so significantly cheaper than what we were planning for.”

He added that the Zoll monitors are already being used by a lot of the surrounding EMS departments and have several features that Pulaski County’s current monitors don’t have.