West Central School Board Discusses Future Building Repairs and Maintenance Needs

The West Central School Board members took time to look at future building repairs and maintenance needs at the corporation when they met last week.

Superintendent Don Street highlighted some of those items as discussed during the meeting.

“The board spent time talking about the Music Room areas as well as the Music Room, the main water line in the high school, hot water circulating pumps in the high school, elementary restroom sinks, future high school restrooms, sidewalks, interior door project where we’ll replace the original doors, software for HVAC systems and controls, and air handlers,” said Street.  “Many of the items in the high school are original from 1970 so we’ve gotten our moneys worth out of these items.”

Street noted that the timing of these projects will be developed in a three-year Capital Projects Plan.

“There’s some high priority items on here that need to be addressed and we’re prioritizing those now.  Some items are already on our plan, but we’re building up our funds to replace these as time goes on.”

More information on the plan will be released at a later date.