Knox City Council Approves Recommendation to Rezone Area Near Industrial Park

Knox City Council members considered a recommendation to rezone a portion of city property from a General Commercial (C-2) Zone to a Heavy Industrial (M-2) Zone during their meeting Tuesday evening.

Director of Building and Code Compliance and Planning Administrator Kenny Pfost noted that this matter first came to his attention when he was contacted by a representative of REMC.

He said the company was looking to build a substation at the corner of 50 South and 250 East. However, the way the area was zoned at that time wouldn’t allow for a substation to be built there.

He brought that information to the Planning Commission. They held a public hearing over the matter at the beginning of the month and came to a decision about what to do next.  

Pfost explained, “We decided to recommend to rezone County Road 250 East on the east side, between 50 S to Division Road General Commercial to begin with but changing that to heavy industrial would expand the industrial park a little bit.”

Members voted unanimously to approve the rezoning recommendation. A map with the area that was rezoned appears below: