Knox City Council Members Receive Annual Update About Redevelopment Commission & TIF Districts

As the Treasurer of the Knox Redevelopment Commission, Jeff Houston is required to submit an annual update to the fiscal body regarding the commission and the City’s Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts prior to April 1st each year.

When Knox City Council members met last Tuesday on March 27th, Houston reported the city has two TIF Districts; the Original TIF and the Industrial Park TIF.

He explained that in 2017, the original TIF fund received about $101,363 in revenue and nearly $36,979 was paid out in expenses. On the other hand, the revenue received in the Industrial Park TIF District remained the same as no expenses were paid out, according to Houston. Continue reading

Locations of Pulaski County Community Crossings Projects Remain Unclear

Pulaski County is expected to complete over $1 million in road projects with money from the second round of Community Crossings grants. But Highway Superintendent Terry Ruff still hasn’t revealed which roads will be getting an upgrade. He says the work won’t be able to start until the spring, and he wants to wait until closer to that time before releasing details.

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Truck Route Implementation Moves Forward

Knox Truck OrdinanceThe GPS systems used by over-the-road truck drivers should soon be updated to reflect the truck routes in Knox and North Judson. Starke County Economic Development Foundation Executive Director Charlie Weaver told the county commissioners last night 26 separate GPS providers have accepted the revised routes, but he doesn’t have an implementation schedule just yet. Continue reading

Starke County Officials Finalize Truck Routes

Knox Truck OrdinanceTrucks heading to and from the Knox Industrial Park will have to use State Road 8 for access from all directions. Starke County Economic Development Foundation Executive Director Charlie Weaver met recently with Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler to discuss truck routes. Ritzler says neither County Road 300 East south of Culver Road nor County Road 200 South, which connects to U.S. 35 near Kem-Co, are rated for excessive truck traffic. Continue reading

Knox Council Discusses Truck Route GPS Updates

Knox Truck OrdinanceMaking necessary updates to GPS systems to reflect truck routes is a more involved process than City of Knox and Starke County officials initially realized. Last month Knox started enforcing its truck route ordinance, which prohibits through traffic weighing more than 10 tons with more than three axles from using Culver Road and other surface streets to get from U.S. 35 to the Knox Industrial Park on 300 East/Klockner Drive. Continue reading

Highway Superintendent Talks Truck Routes

Knox Truck OrdinanceThe Starke County Highway Department is keeping an eye on alternate routes trucks are taking to access the Knox Industrial Park while planning for a long-term solution. The City of Knox recently started enforcing a truck route to keep tractor-trailers off Culver Road and other residential streets. The marked truck route uses State Road 8 to 300 East. Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler says some over-the-road drivers are also turning by Kem-Co and taking 200 South. Continue reading

Knox Board of Works Talks Truck Route Enforcement

The Knox Street Department recently posted "no trucks" signs at the intersection of South Heaton Street and West Culver Road.
The Knox Street Department recently posted “no trucks” signs at the intersection of South Heaton Street and West Culver Road.

Enforcement of the City of Knox truck route has some over-the-road drivers seeking alternate routes to access the industrial park. Mayor Dennis Estok to the board of works yesterday he’s gotten several telephone calls and emails since the stepped-up patrols started earlier this month. He says truckers are going down every side street they can to avoid taking Culver Road to and from the industrial park. Continue reading