Winamac Park Board Still Awaiting Grant Confirmation for Town Park Restroom Project

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

The bidding process for the Winamac Town Park restroom project remains on hold, as funding delays continue. Winamac Park Board President Chris Schramm announced last week that the town is still waiting on a confirmation letter for its Land and Water Conservation Fund grant.

“We can get bids, but they’re only good for so long of a period of time,” he explained. “I thought by this meeting, we would be able to do something with that, but we can’t until we get that letter because if somebody sees that in the chain and something’s not right and they reject it, we could not get the money.”

The approval process was delayed by the federal government shutdown. Park Board Secretary Kim Burke said the application is currently in the hands of the National Park Service. “They had a question. I got back with them what they needed,” she said. “I would say in the next few weeks, as long as everything runs smoothly.”

Plans call for the old brick restrooms in the front of the park to be demolished and replaced with a new structure, with more ADA-compliant stalls. The grant will also help pay for a number of smaller items, like new equipment for the toddler playground, frisbee golf equipment, and new backboards for some of the park’s basketball hoops.