Hamlet Council Updated on Railroad Street Project Preparations

Preparations continue for Hamlet’s Railroad Street project. Engineer Lee Nagai gave an update to the town council Wednesday.

“He’s got materials ordered,” Nagai reported. “He’s made arrangements for storage, I think, with the Co-op, for a yard to store his equipment and millings and that sort of thing. . . . We’re still looking at the issue of trying to make sure we get the Legion area drained, so right now, it’s kind of weather-related. We don’t want to tear up a street and get an inch of rain dumped on us.”

Council members reminded Nagai that the paving contractor was still waiting for him to provide a formal contract. Nagai said he’d have it turned in to the clerk-treasurer by the end of the week.

The project will involve repaving Railroad Street from Jefferson to Starke streets. The road surface will be widened in certain areas, to bring the street to a consistent width. Hamlet received a Community Crossings grant from the state to cover 75 percent of the cost.