Starke Street Lighting Upgrades Still on the Radar for Hamlet Town Council

The Hamlet Town Council last week revisited the possibility of adding more streetlights on Starke Street. In 2016, the town installed decorative lights on the east side of the street, across from the town hall, as the first part of a four-phase project. But additional work has been put on hold, as the town council has focused instead on Community Crossings paving projects.

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Engineer Offers to Work on Updating Hamlet’s Zoning Map

The Hamlet Town Council is moving ahead with updates to the town’s zoning map. The idea was first raised during this month’s zoning board meeting, when town officials noticed that the 2005 zoning map didn’t reflect the way much of the land is actually being used, with several homes being zoned for local business. The map also leaves off the storage facility north of U.S. 30 that has been annexed into the town.

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Hamlet’s Railroad Street Project Experiences Slight Delay

The Town of Hamlet is still waiting for the start of its Railroad Street project. Engineer Lee Nagai told the town council Wednesday that the contractor is behind on its projects, due to recent weather. “He told me the paver is talking about the middle of July, so as soon as I get a firm schedule on when they could be here with the asphalt, then we’ll back everything up,” Nagai explained.

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Town of Hamlet Seeking Bids for Updated Railroad Street Project

Plans for Hamlet’s Railroad Street project appear to be back on track. The town council Wednesday directed Engineer Lee Nagai to seek updated bids for the work, as part of a planned Community Crossings project. Council members decided to remove sidewalk improvements from the project scope, but keep in a possible storm drain extension as a potential option.

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Hamlet Town Council Considers Possible Lighting Projects

More streetlights may soon be coming to Starke Street in Hamlet. Two years ago, the town installed decorative streetlights on the east side of the street, across from the town hall, as the first part of a four-phase project. But the town council has held off on doing additional phases to focus on other projects, such as the recent Community Crossings project farther north on Starke Street.

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Hamlet Town Council to Award Bid for Railroad Street Improvements Tonight

The Hamlet Town Council is expected to choose a contractor for its Railroad Street project tonight. The project would upgrade the road west of Starke Street with wider pavement, possibly new sidewalks, and other improvements. Last week, the town council opened bids from three companies. They ranged from just over $318,000 to nearly $344,000 for the entire project, but the town has the option to scale it back.

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No Major Changes Proposed for 2019 Hamlet Budget

The Hamlet Town Council reviewed its 2019 budget proposal last week. It calls for a total budget of just over $467,000. About $323,000 of that would be the town’s General Fund. The Motor Vehicle Highway Fund would be budgeted at $58,200, while the Park budget would be $11,900. Clerk-Treasurer Kristina Pitts noted that there are no major changes from the 2018 budget.

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Hamlet’s Proposed Railroad Street Project Drawing Interest from Contractors

The Town of Hamlet’s plan to upgrade Railroad Street is starting to draw interest from paving contractors. Engineer Lee Nagai told the town council last week that four companies have expressed interest.

“Three of them have come and looked at it,” he said. “I sent plans and sent the specs and bid documents to a fourth. They have not called me yet to come visit the site, but I have a feeling they might be working with somebody else. So I think we’ll get at least three bids. I’m guardedly optimistic that this is going to draw some attention.” Bids will be opened during a special town council meeting on Friday, September 7 at 4:00 p.m.

Among other things, the project would restore Railroad Street back to an appropriate width. Some pieces of sidewalk may also be replaced, but Nagai says some trees would have to be removed in order for that to happen. Town officials plan to get input from homeowners before deciding how to proceed.

The Town of Hamlet plans to apply for a Community Crossings grant to help fund the proposed Railroad Street improvements.