Pulaski County Commissioners Approve EMS Fuel Purchasing Arrangements, Ambulance Sale

Now that Pulaski County has a gas-powered ambulance, the EMS Department has to be able to get fuel to run it. The department’s fuel tanks only hold diesel, since that what the ambulances have typically used up until now. EMS Director Brandon DeLorenzo presented a couple of options to the county commissioners Monday.

“Either we need to set another gas tank, or what I thought, since we only have the one truck that’s gas, I was thinking about just getting an account with Good’s – they’ve got a station on each side of the county – and then we just keep a card at each station,” DeLorenzo said.

In the end, the commissioners agreed to let him set up accounts with Good Oil, noting that should reduce the chance of any confusion leading to the wrong type of fuel being put in a particular ambulance.

DeLorenzo also asked for direction about what to do with the truck that’s being replaced. “As we know, it needs head gasket and extensive engine work that totaled eight or nine thousand dollars, if I remember right,” he said. “The box on it has been remounted twice. So the truck’s old. The ambulance companies had only offered scrap value for it.”

Commissioner Mike McClure had one idea. “Advertise it on eBay,” he said. “That’s the way you get rid of everything.”

“Craigslist,” suggested Commissioner Kenny Becker.

County Attorney Kevin Tankersley didn’t see any legal issues with selling it online, but eventually, the commissioners decided it would be easier to take it to Olson Auctions to be sold.