Starke County Commissioners Consider Extending Knox TIF District

Knox City officials want to expand the TIF District outside the city limits.

Mayor Dennis Estok explained to the Starke County Commissioners Monday night that city officials would like to expand the district to 200 S. and in the city’s Industrial Park for economic development.  Any money captured from commercial real property value  increases would go into the city’s TIF District where it could be used by the Knox Redevelopment Commission to fund infrastructure upgrades or provide match money for potential grant opportunities. 

Mayor Estok commented that the city does plan to extend Main Street to 200 S.  It is included in the comprehensive plan and city officials want to be ready to increase needs for businesses and industries looking to build facilities there in the future. 

The commissioners voted unanimously to approve two resolutions that recognize the redevelopment area and the Industrial Park Economic Area for TIF purposes.