Community Crossings Projects in Starke County to Begin Soon

Several road paving projects are scheduled for this summer in Starke County.

Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler told the Starke County Commissioners this week that Reith Riley crews will work on County Road 25 N. from 600 E. to State Road 23 yet this month.

“They’ve cut the road and prepared it for paving,” said Ritzler.  “We’re going to stripe that after they’re done as we are going to do with all of the hot mix roads.”

Following this project, crews will work on 250 N. from U.S. 35 to Range Road, 50 S. from State Road 39 to Knox City Limits, 400 S. from 650 W. to U.S. 421, and Range Road from State Road 10 to Toto Road.

Ritzler stressed that all of these projects may not be done this year and may not be done in the county’s prioritized order as listed.

“They have other criteria for us.  In fact, last year 25 N. was number three on our list and they gave us that first because of the bridges we had recently done there.  They like to connect projects.”

Other cold mix asphalt projects are planned with the mix halfway complete.  Several of those projects are roads damaged from the transmission line work last year, along with San Pierre Subdivision, Bourne’s Subdivision, plus 200 E. and 100 W. between 800 S. and 900 S., and 600 N. from 150 E. to 300 E.