Culver Town Council Approves Stellar Funding Request

The Culver Town Council members took action this week to put money toward the Marshall County Crossroads Stellar Communities Initiative.

Every municipality, redevelopment commission and township in Marshall County is being asked to contribute money toward assembling the Regional Development Plan and quality of life plan with The Troyer Group and Big Idea. 

The original request made of the Culver Town Council was for $17,000, but since Culver’s project positively impacts the TIF District, the Culver Redevelopment Commission members agreed to split the cost with the town. 

The CRC approved $8,500 while the Culver Town Council members approved $8,500 as the town’s contribution.  Union Township will contribute $10,000. 

Town Manager Jonathan Leist said the council can decide if they want to do a contract specifically between The Troyer Group and the Town of Culver, or an intergovernmental agreement between Culver and the county. 

Culver’s project will include clean-up and extensions and making trail connections on Jefferson Street, Slate Street, and Cass Streets that would tie in the already planned and funded trail work and near future projects through INDOT.