Starke County Highway Superintendent Updates Commissioners on Concerns

Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler updated the county commissioners on a few concerns that have been addressed in previous meetings.

Ritzler is still waiting on word from INDOT representatives concerning a flooding issue at Iroquois and State Road 23 at Koontz Lake. 

“We are awaiting a response from their maintenance supervisor.  We may place a catch basin in there in the meantime where we can do it and pump it out.  We would ideally like to connect to their sewer.  If they don’t respond quickly then we’ll set up that meeting where we will go up there and talk with them,” said Ritzler. 

Another item that was discussed in a past meeting was the realignment of State Road 10 where it would bypass Bass Lake, which Ritzler says was in the state’s plans years ago.

“They did plans on that about 20 years ago.  It would alleviate some problems at the lake.  INDOT is looking for their old plans, but have not been able to find them yet.”

Additionally, Ritzler said a traffic study is being done on U.S. 35 near 500 S. to make that area a no passing zone. 

Ritzler and Commissioner Bryan Cavendar look to meet with INDOT officials concerning an agreement for the county to assist the county with local needs.

“As you know, sometimes we do some of their work late at night.  With downed stop signs, sometimes they take four, five, or six hours.  We don’t like that.  We do it in about a half hour or 45 minutes. It’s the same thing with fallen trees.  We’d like to start billing them for those. There could be an agreement where we will do that if they don’t have the forces to do it, because we don’t think that’s safe.”

There is a drainage issue by the Bass Lake Property Owners Association building along State Road 10 that will be addressed with INDOT as well.

A meeting will be scheduled soon to discuss these things with INDOT representatives.