Starke County Council Supports Stellar Funding

The Starke County Council members reviewed a funding support proposal for projects in the county’s unincorporated areas within the Constellation of Starke Regional Development Plan.

Larry Wickert from the Starke County Economic Development Foundation and Rik Ritzler from the Starke County Highway Department are executive team members and explained the process with the county officials and discussed financing options with them on Monday night.

Ritzler said about $1.825 million will be the grant match requirement for the county over four years. 

“It sounds like a lot but the good news is no new taxes and no County General money,” said Ritzler.  “The match money we’ll use we were already going to use for development in the county.  Road and bridge development will go into those matching money funds and will go to our connecting roads project that connects all of the communities, and other CEDIT money and private donor money will go to that.”

The plans in the unincorporated areas in the county include a Bass Lake Beach and Waterpark, a connecting roads project that would help link the communities by installing lanes for bicycles and golf carts on existing roads, Koontz Lake Community Center, Koontz Lake park improvements, and San Pierre Park.

There were two funding options provided to the county council members.  One included an option using Rainy Day Funds.  Council President Dave Pearman suggested not committing anything from the Rainy Day Fund when the time comes, but supports what’s been presented. 

The council members unanimously approved support for matching funds in the form of a resolution.