Pulaski County Commissioners Agree to Purchase Courthouse Security Cameras

The Pulaski County Commissioners approved the purchase of two security cameras for the first floor of the courthouse.

Commissioner Jerry Locke explained to Sheriff Jeff Richwine that he spoke to RB Walters with DeGroot Technology about the installation of security cameras. 

“The first floor definitely needs them so I think that can be done for under $800.  I think we ought to make a motion to get that done immediately,” stated Locke. 

He’s hoping that the security cameras can be accessed at the jail to maintain security. He noted that Circuit Court Judge Mary Welker can view the cameras currently in operation on the top floor and the basement level and wants the same capability at the Justice Center.

He said once security is finalized, the main security officer should have access to footage as well.

Locke made a motion to hire DeGroot Technology to purchase and install the cameras for the first floor of the courthouse at a price around $800.  The motion was met with a unanimous vote.