Pulaski County EMS Once Again Seeking Bids for Ambulance Garage Expansion

Pulaski County EMS is moving forward with plans for the expansion of its Winamac ambulance garage. The final architectural plans have been approved by the state, and EMS Director Brandon DeLorenzo presented them to the county commissioners on Tuesday.

“It is just a basic garage,” he explained. “It’s the depth of the building, which was 40 feet, and then it goes to the north 50 feet and has the three bays. The electric is very simple, a few rows of lights controlled by two switches. There is an outlet above each truck for the shore line to plug them in and then a handful of outlets along the outside.”

DeLorenzo said the expansion will bring the garage up to a total of four bays. The commissioners unanimously agreed to let DeLorenzo proceed with getting construction bids, according to the new specifications.

The garage expansion has been discussed for years, since the county’s ambulances can barely fit in the existing space. Concerns about the cost of a 2017 proposal prompted the EMS Department to scale plans back. More recently, another step was added when it was discovered that the project would require formal architectural plans and a design release.