Pulaski County Courthouse Restrooms Back in Service

The Pulaski County Courthouse’s toilet troubles appear to have been resolved. “All the bathrooms are working,” Maintenance Director Mia Salyers announced to the county commissioners Monday.

She said the problem seemed to be a vent issue. “The public bathroom in the basement that’s been closed . . . as soon as we pulled that toilet, all other three flushed just fine,” Salyers explained. “I had the town come and try to camera it. They could only get it in about a foot, and then they hit like a 90, and they couldn’t get their camera around it.”

She said the pipe inside the building might have settled or somehow slanted out of alignment, causing it to fill up with water. “He said I could check the trap, clean the trap, have a guy come in with a smaller camera and try to get down in there and see if there’s an issue with the pipe inside the building.”

Salyers said she still isn’t sure why concrete was found in a pipe in another part of the building. “We went up in the attic and we took the boot off the vent, and looked up,” she explained. “We saw daylight, so there’s no clog. Looked down, there was only so far we could see down. We ran water down it, and it forced out whatever little bit of clog was in there.” The commissioners had been considering the purchase of a lift pump, to try to solve the plumbing issues.

Also during Monday’s meeting, the commissioners agreed to let Salyers hire White’s Contracting to fix the sidewalk on the south side of the courthouse for about $1,000.

Salyers reported that a few upgrades were recently completed at the West Annex. A fence has been installed around the generators and the morgue’s cooling unit, and repairs were made to the gutters and HVAC system.