Renovation Project at Starke County Courthouse Moving Forward to Bid Phase

Documents related to the renovation of the third floor of the courthouse are being reviewed by the Starke County Commissioners. 

Commissioner Kathy Norem explained last week that DLZ is working on preliminary bid documents to be reviewed during their meeting on Monday, Oct. 21.  Those documents will then set up a bid notice with the opening of bids for the project in mid-December during the joint Starke County Council and Commissioners meeting.

Norem said renovation efforts are anticipated to begin Jan. 6 and take approximately 5 months to complete.  During the renovation, Starke Circuit Court will move to the Starke County Justice Center for any court hearings there.

In August, John Kirk from DLZ went through the proposed list of updates that was compiled by Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall which included new carpet, lighting, sound system, technology, jury seating, gallery seating, attorney seating, new draperies, new entry doors and additional security cameras in the large courtroom.  Updates to the jury room and the small courtroom were also proposed as well as the bathrooms on the third floor.  Floor coverings would be installed where needed and some painting work is recommended.   

Depending on funding, some items may be eliminated from the initial list.