Constellation of Starke Region Reps Elaborate on RDP for Stellar Selection Committee

Region representatives from the Constellation of Starke were in Indianapolis Tuesday afternoon, fulfilling one of the last steps in the Stellar Program process before this year’s designation is announced in December.

The group expanded on what was included in the Regional Development Plan which was submitted for consideration back in September. The presentation was done in front of individuals who represented various state agencies and serve as members of the Stellar Selection Committee

A video featured during the presentation was created by Nathan and Elicia Lunsford of Mirth and Whimsy, the same individuals who helped develop the region’s logo and made the first COS video that answered ‘Why Stellar, Why Now?’

Officials from the state and local levels who were not specifically a part of the presentation but came to show their support included County Commissioners Kathy Norem and Bryan Cavendar, Knox Mayor and Clerk Treasurer Dennis Estok and Jeff Houston, State Senator Mike Bohacek and State Representative Jim Pressel.

The Constellation of Starke is one of four finalist regions. Members of the Stellar Selection Committee will also consider presentations from the Marshall County Crossroads, the Jay! Region and Safe and Welcome, a region comprised of Henry County communities.