Francesville Raising Rent for EMS Base

Pulaski County may soon be paying more for EMS-related costs, due to changes made by some local towns. EMS Director Brandon DeLorenzo told the county commissioners Monday that the Town of Francesville is raising the monthly rent on the ambulance base used by the county from $575 to $650.

“As a fellow landlord, we had a pretty good deal,” DeLorenzo said, “and still with this price, with utilities included, it’s pretty good.” The commissioners unanimously approved the updated lease agreement with the Town of Francesville.

Meanwhile, Culver EMS wants to increase the fees for its services to Tippecanoe Township from $6,000 to $6,500. County Attorney Kevin Tankersley explained that the department is upgrading from an EMT to a paramedic service.

But Commissioner Mike McClure asked whether the Culver contract was really necessary, or if the county’s EMS department could cover the Monterey area. “Are they that much closer and efficient?” McClure asked. “I mean, you’ve got to figure they’ve got to come across the river to get to Monterey, and that’s a bad road.”

DeLorenzo said former EMS directors have looked into the issue, but it’s a pretty long haul for Pulaski County EMS to reach Monterey. He said he’d have to do more research to give the commissioners a good answer. They voted to table the inter-local agreement with Culver in the meantime.