Pulaski EMS Director Discusses Ambulance Garage Construction Timeline with Council

Funding arrangements for the Winamac ambulance garage expansion were discussed during last week’s Pulaski County Council meeting. EMS Director Brandon DeLorenzo explained that the contractor that won the bid can’t start until next year, meaning that most of the cost can’t come out of this year’s budget.

“Of that $135,000 line item we had, we just spent money for the engineer, for mailing of letters for the variance request, and the state permit,” he said. “All the rest of that money will be going back this year, and unfortunately, I’ll have to ask for an additional next year.”

But Auditor Laura Wheeler pointed out that 25 percent of the $77,000 construction cost is required to be paid when the contract is signed, meaning that portion could be encumbered.

While an anticipated start date was included in the bid, Council Member Rudy DeSabatine urged DeLorenzo to make sure to have it in writing. “I don’t like what I hear that they can’t do it until next year, and then, all of a sudden, next spring turns into next summer,” DeSabatine said. “You have no definite date of, ‘Hey, when are you going to start?’”

Others also stressed the importance of setting a finish date, along with fines for missing the deadline. DeLorenzo assured them that all the details would be set in stone when County Attorney Kevin Tankersley finishes the contract.