Work on Wythogan Park Entrance to Continue, Bridge Street to be Repaved with Community Crossings Funds

If you’ve been down to Wythogan Park in Knox, you’ve probably noticed some work being done to the entrance.

Mayor Dennis Estok reports that the City Street Department cut the hill back to widen the entryway. He noted that the concrete contractors will be returning soon to complete the work

The Mayor stated that when the park entrance is closed for the work to be done, an access point off of US 35 will be open to the public so people will still be able to get in.

During the most recent Knox City Council meeting, Mayor Estok mentioned that officials considered saving this work for the springtime but decided to move forward with it now because time is of the essence.

He explained that Bridge Street, the roadway that goes all around the park, will be repaved with funds from this year’s Community Crossings Grant Award.

Estok indicated that it’s important to get this work complete before that project is done so they won’t have to worry about the possibility of having to tear up the new asphalt to do it at a later date. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this story included that sidewalks would be installed on the Eastside of the entrance and that information was inaccurate. There is not enough space to install sidewalks on that side. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the mistake.