Indiana Appeals on Wheels Travels to Winamac Today

The Indiana Court of Appeals is on the road to Pulaski County today where an oral argument is scheduled at the Winamac High School in the Appeals on Wheels initiative.  It’s an attempt to make it easier for residents observe the judicial process.

Michael Scanland, an Indianapolis resident, is appealing his conviction of a Class C Misdemeanor charge of possession of paraphernalia after a jury verdict on the matter.  He claims that the trial court erred by denying his motion to suppress evidence of statements he made to the police in that they were obtained in violation of his Miranda rights. 

Scanland was charged following an incident in January 2018.  According to information provided on the Indiana Court of Appeals website in the case, Scanland went to the police station to file a complaint about a neighbor when he got “agitated and loud”.  When a parole officer reportedly asked him to submit to a drug screen, Scanland refused and was placed into handcuffs.  The officer was typing his report and told the officer he was using methamphetamine.  The report states that Scanland asked the officer to go to the house to retrieve the paraphernalia so his girlfriend wouldn’t find out.  The paraphernalia was found, a warrant was issued and the paraphernalia was confiscated. 

Scanland filed a pre-trial motion to suppress the statements he made to the police, but the trial court denied the motion.  The State argues that there was no need to advise Scanland of his rights because he was “not subject to custodial interrogation” and that “the search based upon Scanland’s statements was accordingly valid.”

Oral arguments in the case begin at 9:45 a.m. at the Winamac Community High School today.  The public is welcome to attend.