Pulaski County Election Board to Implement Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail for Early Voting

Voting machines in Indiana will have to be able to give voters a printout of their choices by the end of 2029, but some Pulaski County voters will get to try it out during this year’s elections. The state has given the county 20 of the “voter verifiable paper audit trail” printers. That isn’t enough to equip all of the machines on Election Day, but Clerk JoLynn Behny says the election board has decided to roll them out for early voting.

“So when you go into a voting both and you cast your vote, you vote for your people, before you hit the red button that actually casts your vote, it will print on a printer in front of you, and you can double check and make sure that all the names on that printer are the people that you actually did vote for,” she explains.

Behny says the county will need another 10 printers to equip all of its voting machines, but the election board has decided not to get them right away. “We’re going to hold out at least a couple years and see if the state does not come up with other funding,” she adds. “Technology changes all the time. They may have something completely different by 2029.”

The clerk says that representatives from voting machine vendor Microvote and IT consultant DeGroot Technology went over the process of setting up the machines, e-poll pads, and the new printers during Wednesday’s Pulaski County Election Board meeting.