Knox City Council Approves Funding for Additional Pickle Ball Courts

Plans are in the works to bring four more pickle ball courts into Wythogan Park in Knox.

When City Council members met Tuesday night, Mayor Dennis Estok discussed the sport with members, noting that there was a pretty consistent group of players when they installed the first courts last year.

He stated, “It’s a good draw for the park. It’s great exercise for all ages, it doesn’t matter what age. You can be 8-years-old and play pickle ball or you can be 80 and play pickle ball.”

He added the intention with the new courts is to split them up by ability, with some labeled as competitive and others labeled as non-competitive.

Photo Source: Lora Estok

Estok asked members to consider contributing $13,000 for the project and added that the money could be taken from the River Boat Fund which isn’t utilized very often. Council President Jeff Berg mentioned that around $66,000 is in the fund.

City Council members went on to provide unanimous approval for the funds to be used for that purpose.

Estok added that the Knox Redevelopment Commission will likely be asked to contribute an additional $13,000 toward the project as well.