City of Knox Urges Proper Disposal of Disposable Care Products

Officials at the City of Knox Wastewater Department are asking residents to properly dispose of disposable care products.

Wastewater Superintendent Kelly Clemons reported a significant increase of those products entering the sewage treatment plant which causes blockages and equipment damage to the city’s sewer system and treatment plant. It can also cause pipe issues at home or at a business.

In order to keep employees and equipment safe, throw away disposable items in the trash and do not flush them down the toilet.  Those items include baby wipes, towelettes, disinfecting wipes, and cloth wipes. Those items may indicate that they are flushable, but they are not.  Other items include feminine hygiene products, Q-Tips, beauty products, dental floss, cloth rags or towels, and plastics of any kind. 

Clemons stresses that the only items that are flushable are human waste and toilet paper.