Indiana Supreme Court Grants Starke County Court Petition

Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall petitioned the Indiana Supreme Court for emergency relief in postponing and rescheduling court cases and trials and it was granted this week.

The order issued by the Indiana Supreme Court authorizes that all criminal and civil jury trials will be suspended including those with a “fast and speedy” setting through May 4.

Additionally, all effective dates of all laws, rules and procedures setting time limits for speedy trials in criminal and juvenile proceedings, public health, and mental health matters, all judgments, support, and all other civil and criminal matters be delayed with no interest due or charges through May 4.  

Starke Circuit Court is authorized to continue or reschedule non-essential hearings, excluding emergency matters, domestic violence hearings, and evidentiary hearings in criminal cases.  The court will remain open to process emergency issues, protective orders, mental health, and other necessary criminal and juvenile hearings and other emergency matters through May 4.

The Indiana Supreme Court also allows the Starke Circuit Court to use telephonic or video technology, unless the potential for violation of due process rights exists.

The court may limit spectators in courtrooms to provide adequate social distancing. If any party is ill, they will be asked to continue a hearing.

Starke Circuit Court officials will file a status update no later than April 24 if there is a need to extend emergency relief. 

For any questions, call Starke Circuit Court at 574-772-9146.