Lt. Governor Highlights Efforts to Help Farmers, Rural Communities Deal with COVID-19

Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch

Indiana’s lieutenant governor is working to reassure farmers, as the state continues to respond to COVID-19. During state officials’ press conference Wednesday, Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch said it’s an extremely critical time for agriculture.

“Farmers have recently faced uncertainty with trade negotiations and inclement weather,” Crouch said. “[The Indiana State Department of Agriculture] is working tirelessly to ensure that our 94,000 Hoosier farmers have everything they need to plant their crops.”

Crouch said the State Department of Agriculture held conference calls Wednesday with trading partners in Canada and Mexico. “We let them know that while our borders may be closed, our relationships are strong, and we are planning and prepared for the future,” Crouch added.

She also noted that communities will now have access to funding through a COVID-19 Response Program, funded by Community Development Block Grant money. “Now, qualified communities can have the flexibility to use these funds for a range of activities that help prevent and respond to the spread of COVID-19,” Crouch said. “This program could help fund anything from mobile testing areas to economic assistance packages for many of our small businesses.”

Meanwhile, Crouch said the state’s broadband office is working to make sure Hoosiers can work from home, complete eLearning assignments, access telemedicine, and connect with loved ones.