Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction Creates Questions for Knox Dumpster Days

Construction at the Knox Wastewater Treatment Plant has put the city’s Dumpster Days into question. The event is typically held each May, allowing residents to get rid of any large items that can’t be picked up on regular garbage days.

For the past few years, it’s been held at the wastewater plant, since its fenced-in area lets city officials limit access to Knox residents and cut down on unauthorized dumping. But Mayor Dennis Estok told the city council Tuesday that it won’t be available, due to the construction project.

Other options include placing the dumpsters near city hall but posting a guard around the clock, holding it off of city property – which would be more complicated for insurance purposes, postponing the spring cleanup event until the fall when the wastewater plant construction should be complete, or simply asking residents to dispose of their garbage gradually.

“You’re allowed three garbage cans a week,” Estok explained. “A lot of people don’t use it, their maximum. A lot of them are under their maximum. They can start doing that. Large items, no. You’ll have to come up and get a five-dollar tag.”

Estok noted that city officials still have time to decide on an option, before May.