Governor to Extend Stay-at-Home Order by Two Weeks

Indiana’s stay-at-home order will be extended for another two weeks. Governor Eric Holcomb says he plans to sign an executive order on Monday.

“We’ve taken the two-week approach because we’re more nimble to be able to address the executive order in its entirety and adjust, as I’ve said many times before, to the facts on the ground,” Holcomb explained during his press conference Friday. “We can go through line-by-line and tweak if we need to, and we don’t have to wait a full month.”

Holcomb announced Friday that he’d already extended his public health emergency order to May 5. Some adjustments to the stay-at-home policy are expected to be announced Monday afternoon.

Holcomb also said that President Trump has approved his request to declare a major disaster declaration for all 92 Indiana counties. That will make local government entities eligible to have about 75 percent of their COVID-19 response costs reimbursed with public assistance money, according to Indiana Department of Homeland Security Executive Director Steve Cox. It also lets the National Guard get a 100-percent reimbursement for their COVID-19-related missions.

But the state’s request for help for individuals is still under review.