Knox Man Sentenced to Six Years on Drug Charge

Gary Spencer

A Knox man was sentenced in Starke Circuit Court on Thursday on a drug charge.      

Gary Spencer, 41, admitted to Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall that police found drug items in a residence he was sharing with his significant other on Jan. 6, 2020.  Police were there to apparently evict the pair when the items were found.  Spencer was transported to the Starke County Justice Center for booking when it was learned that a bag of methamphetamine was found in the police car he was in.  Spencer said that the methamphetamine was not his, but he knew that it was there and pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of methamphetamine (aiding) between 10 grams and 28 grams, a Level 4 Felony. 

The plea agreement negotiated between Spencer’s defense attorney, Richard Ballard, and Starke County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Micah Cox called for a discretionary sentence and the pair argued the sentence with a cap of six years on the charge.  

Judge Hall found that Spencer’s lengthy criminal history as an aggravating factor in his case. 

Spencer was sentenced to six years in the Indiana Department of Corrections with no part of the sentence suspended.  The sentence is for purposeful incarceration.  Judge Hall recommended to the DOC that Spencer be placed in the Recovery While Incarcerated program within the DOC for drug treatment.  He will need to pay a $250 drug interdiction fee and court costs.  If Spencer successfully completes a program recommended by the Department of Corrections, he may petition the court for a modification of that sentence.  The judge did recommend to the DOC that Spencer be placed in the Starke County Therapeutic Community.