Yellowstone Trail Fest Organizers Schedule Educational Visit with Skeeter the Clown

SkeeterTheClownThe circus is coming to Hamlet next month, but before that, local residents will have the chance to address their clown phobias with a free visit from Skeeter the Clown. Skeeter’s interactive program seeks to educate children on a variety of topics, incorporating history, math, Spanish, and sign language, as well as various learning skills. Continue reading

Red Cross Hopes to Boost Summer Blood Donations


The American Red Cross is working to make sure it has a sufficient number of blood donations over the summer months. In a press release, the Red Cross says that summer vacations and activities often mean regular donors are too busy to give blood. They say that during June, July, and August, each Red Cross blood drive is about two donors short of what’s needed to meet patients’ needs. Continue reading

Winamac Council Approves Additional Payment to Resolve Tree Dispute

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park
Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

The Winamac Town Council has taken action to resolve a dispute with a contractor hired to remove ash trees from the Town Park. Last week, the council voted to withhold $1,650 of the town’s $20,000 payment to TD’s Tree Service. Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo had reported that the firm cut down some trees that the town planned to remove itself, while four other ash trees were left standing. Continue reading