Hamlet Park Board Discusses Memorial Path with American Legion, Territorial Engineering

Plans are being finalized for the Hamlet Town Park’s new memorial walking path. The town is teaming up with the Hamlet American Legion to build a path in memory of Robert J. Tauteris Jr.

Park Board President Dave Kesvormas says the board met with representatives from the Legion and Territorial Engineering during an executive session Wednesday. “No decisions were really made, other than the fact that they’re going to come up with some numbers and an actual design based on some of the changes of the preliminary drawing,” Kesvormas explains, “and we hope to have those within the next 30 days, hopefully, to start probably the end of February, somewhere in there.”

The American Legion has raised over $5,000, and the town is expected to contribute money left over from the 2019 park equipment budget. Some businesses may donate materials or services. The walking path was one of the projects planned in Constellation of Starke’s Stellar Community application last year, but the park board felt the project was worth pursuing even without the Stellar designation.

During Wednesday’s regular park board meeting, members hoped that the path would be done before this spring’s Easter egg hunt. They tentatively scheduled the event for April 11, but said the exact date and location may be changed, depending on the trail’s progress.