JoLynn Behny Named Pulaski County Clerk

Pulaski County Republican Party Chair Dan Murphy congratulates JoLynn Behny, following her selection as county clerk.

Pulaski County has a new clerk. JoLynn Behny was selected for the position during a Republican Party caucus Tuesday. “Thank you very much,” she told precinct committee members after her selection was announced. “I will do my best to live up to your expectations and support the Republican Party and push the county forward. Thank you very much.”

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Pulaski County Council, Winamac Town Council Members Unseated in General Election

Pulaski County’s General Election ended with some incumbents unseated in tight races. Democrat Linda Powers lost her District 3 County Council seat to Republican Brian Young by a margin of 56-to-44 percent. Winamac Town Council Member Dan Vanaman lost his at-large seat by just five votes, coming behind fellow Republican Alvin Parish and Democratic challenger Dave Schambers.

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Pulaski County Election Board to Request $600 Raise for Clerk

Pulaski County Clerk Christi Hoffa would get a pay raise for her duties with the county election board, under its 2019 budget proposal. Hoffa reviewed the proposal with the rest of the election board Monday. She explained that much of the budget work was done before board members Jon Frain and Laura Bailey were replaced by Patty Sullivan and Jessye Gilley.

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