Pulaski County Clarifies Plastic Supply Issues

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County’s problems with plastic are much more limited than previously thought.

The County Commissioners clarified an issue Tuesday night involving plastic products sorted at the Pulaski County Recycling and Transfer Station. The County has experienced difficulty in recent weeks connecting one vendor with another in the plastics market due to the price of oil: currently near $30 per barrel.
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City of Knox Could Face Increased Garbage Fees

A lack of recycling could force the city of Knox to increase garbage fees. According to Knox Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston, the recycling rate was down five percent last year.

This decrease in recycling efforts could impact garbage fees because the less that residents recycle, more garbage is collected. The garbage pick-up days are Monday and Thursday, and Houston said there is usually a full truck on both days. If it gets to the point that a second truck has to be sent out to finish a route, that would lead to increased fees.

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Knox Residents are Urged to Recycle

Knox residents are being urged to recycle as much as possible. At a meeting with the Knox City Council and a representative from Waste Management two months ago, it was stated that the company would like to get the recycling percentage up to 30%. More tonnage is going into the garbage which could be recycled and that is keeping up garbage costs.

“We got a monthly tonnage report for September and there was 121.10 tons of trash and 13.2 tons of recycling,” said City Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston. “In October, there was 118.40 tons of trash and 14.2 tons of recycling.”

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Knox Residents are Encouraged to Increase Recycling Efforts

Residents in Knox are being asked to do a better job of recycling. Kevin Boyce, of Waste Management, appeared before the Knox City Council this week to talk about a new five year contract. In the course of the presentation, Boyce talked about landfill tons collected, in comparison to recycle tons.

Boyce said he would like to see more people participating in recycling, hopefully getting the percentage of landfill waste to recycle items to around 30%.

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