Knox City Council Approves Final Version of 5-Year Parks Master Plan

Troyer Group Architect Mike Reese

A public hearing over the final version of 5-Year Parks Master Plan was held prior to last Thursday’s Knox City Council meeting.

Troyer Group Landscape Architect Mike Reese led the public hearing. During this process, he’s been coordinating with city officials and gathering public input about Heritage Park, Sandy Acres, Wythogan Park and potential new park. Continue reading

Wythogan Skate Park Discussed at Park Plan Public Hearing & Knox Park Board Meeting

The Wythogan Skate Park, which is currently closed and in need of repairs, was discussed during last Monday’s park plan public hearing as well as the regular Knox Park Board meeting.

During the public hearing for the 5-year Master Plan for Knox Parks, Architect Mike Reese with the Troyer Group mentioned the conditions of the skate park, saying that much of the equipment and materials are damaged and in need of upgrades. He said, judging from survey results, Knox residents were in favor of renovating the skate park rather than removing it. Continue reading

Wythogan, Heritage, Sandy Acres and Potential New Park Discussed During Public Hearing

Several community members, as well as a few city officials, sat in during Monday night’s public hearing for the Knox Parks 5-Year Master Plan.

Architect Mike Reese with the Troyer Group explained that a draft master plan was written up with suggestions from the initial public hearing, the stakeholder meetings, the community survey and recommendations from the DNR. Continue reading

Citizens Encouraged to Attend Public Hearing Over Knox Parks 5-Year Master Plan Tonight

A public hearing over the Knox Parks 5-Year Master Plan will be held tonight at 6 p.m. in City Hall.

The draft plan had to be submitted to the DNR by January 15th in order for the city to be eligible for potential funding for proposed park plans. Mayor Dennis Estok reported that it was turned in on time and it will be discussed during the hearing tonight.

Additionally, Troyer Group representative will discuss the results from the online survey that was conducted. Mayor Estok mentioned that more than 250 surveys were received. Continue reading

Next Public Hearing Over Knox Parks 5-Year Master Plan to be Held in February

Last week, Mayor Dennis Estok established a date and time to hold the next public hearing over the Knox Parks 5-year Master Plan.

Estok explained that this second hearing will be held in order to go over the draft master plan that was submitted to the DNR earlier this month. The results of the online survey, which garnered more than 250 responses, will also be covered. Continue reading

Mayor Estok Proposes Date for Public Hearing Over Park Plan Draft

Today marks the final day that the draft of the Knox Parks 5-Year Master Plan can be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources in order for the City of Knox to be eligible for funding assistance for the proposed park projects.

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok reports the draft plan is complete and will be submitted on time. He also mentioned that he’s been corresponding with Architect Mike Reese from the Troyer Group about the date for the next public hearing over the Knox Parks 5-Year Master Plan. Continue reading

Troyer Group Representatives Express Satisfaction With the Amount of Knox Parks Surveys Submitted

The first draft version of the Knox Parks 5-year Master Plan must be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources by January 15th. According to Mayor Dennis Estok, everything is on track to have it submitted on time.

At the last Knox City Council meeting, Mayor Dennis Estok mentioned that more than 250 online surveys were submitted. He said that Troyer Group representatives were very happy that a community of our size was able get that many. Mayor Estok said that shows him that people are interested in the park and what the city is doing.

The exact date for the next public hearing has yet to be established but Troyer Group Landscape Architect Michael Reese stated it will most likely take place in late January or early February. Continue reading

Culver Movie Theater Proposals Headed to the CRC

The Culver Town Council discussed the purchase of the Culver Movie Theater and received two proposals that will give the council and the Culver Redevelopment Commission a better idea of what to expect in terms of costs.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist presented proposals from the Troyer Group and SRKM that he said include plans for a public meeting to gather comments on the uses for the theater, a preliminary project budget for outlaying the capital costs for repairs on the building, a structural engineering assessment of the building, and a basic outline for a business plan with annual expenses versus revenue expenses for whatever concept may occupy the building.

Continue reading

Starke County Park and Recreation Surveys Due Tomorrow

Bass Lake CampgroundStarke County residents have one more day to weigh in on their vision for the county’s park and recreation facilities.

The Mishawaka-based Troyer group has been hired to craft a five-year parks and recreation plan for Starke County. As part of that process, they’re trying to gauge usage of the county’s recreational areas.

Specifically they are looking at Bass Lake Beach and Campground, Koontz Lake, the Starke County Forest and the trail system as assets to the county. Continue reading