Knox School Board to Meet With Consultant Regarding Palmer Wing

Superintendent A.J. Gappa

The Knox Community School Board and the Facility Study Committee have been working on a solution to address the needs at the Palmer Wing at the Knox Elementary School. A recent public meeting was held in which Superintendent A.J. Gappa reported that it was an overwhelming consensus that a new Palmer Wing needs to be constructed.

A construction referendum could be featured in the May Primary Election and the board is in the process of deciding if that’s the route they want to take. Gappa said that the board will be holding a special work session on Sept. 17 in place of their regular meeting to discuss the referendum process with a consultant.

“Dr. Mike Trego will come in and talk to the board and just go over outlines of how referendums are held, how they can be successful, and what’s the best outcome of holding a referendum – not only for the benefit of the school and the board, but for the community as a whole,” Gappa said. “Dr. Trego is currently a professor at Indiana Wesleyan University and is a former Ohio superintendent. He has been through many referendums as a superintendent in Ohio as that is their political process and how they operate.”

Trego has been a consultant at other schools for this same purpose. If this works out with the school board, he may come back for a public presentation.