Marshall County Stellar Presentation Today

Today (Thursday) will be a big day for Marshall County and the Town of Culver.

Twenty-one representatives from the Marshall County Crossroads Regional Stellar Initiative will present all of the projects to state officials for the chance to be named as the Regional Designee in the Stellar Communities Designation Program.

The presentation is today at 10 a.m. ET. The winner should be announced yet this year.

At the time the Marshall County representatives are beginning the Regional Stellar presentation, Developer Kevin Berger will learn if the housing development called The Paddocks in Culver is the winner of an Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority grant award. The project is the second phase of the Sand Hill Farms housing development awarded funds in part of Culver’s designation as a Stellar Community in 2017.

Culver’s application is up against a proposal submitted by the City of Madison. In 2017, the City of Madison was the Stellar winner in Division I and the Town of Culver was the winner in Division II.

In a previous meeting, Town Manager Jonathan Leist said The Paddocks features 36-three bedroom units and 12-two bedroom units. It’s a mix of townhomes and apartments. He added that the townhomes would be entered into a rent-to-own program for qualifying residents. The units will require income-based rents as established by the office of Housing and Urban Development.

Starke County officials are taking the necessary steps to produce an application to be a finalist in the Regional Stellar Communities Designation Program in 2019.