Pulaski EMS Director Looking to Reinstate On-Call Pay, Assistant Director Position

Pulaski County’s new EMS director is looking to make a few changes at the department. Brandon DeLorenzo told the county commissioners last week that he wants to bring back on-call pay. “We used to do on-call, and have somebody available on-call,” he explained. “We have a budget line item for that, but I don’t believe it’s in the pay matrix. I just wanted to get the process going on that.”

He’s also planning changes to the assistant EMS director position. The commissioners decided to do away with it a year ago. “I’m looking at the department, too,” he said. “If something were to ever happen to me, if I got injured or you guys let me go or something, I would want the department to be able to run smoothly and have somebody already in place that knows what’s going on.”

DeLorenzo said he wants to raise the assistant director’s pay to match the duties and the knowledge of the department that will be required. The commissioners directed him to share his proposals with the county council’s salary matrix committee, before eventually discussing them with the full council.