Starke County Council Member’s Residency to be Discussed by Election Board Today

The issue of Starke County Council Member Tom DeCola’s residency is expected to go before the county election board this morning. Last week, the county council voted to ask the election board and the Starke County Republican Party to confirm that DeCola actually lives in the district he represents.

County Commissioner Kathy Norem raised questions about his residency in December. DeCola has said he has a certificate of occupancy for a structure at 7410 West 250 South, but Building Inspector Terry Stephenson has denied having one on file.

Also during today’s meeting, the election board will reorganize for 2019. Members will discuss this year’s municipal elections, including candidate filings for Knox offices, as well as upcoming town conventions in North Judson and Hamlet. Planned upgrades to the county’s voting machines will continue to be discussed.

This morning’s Starke County Election Board meeting starts at 9:30 in the second floor meeting room in the Starke County Courthouse. The meeting was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but was postponed due to weather.